The world is but a set of framez, each one worth admiring.
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Weekend at Kuala Lumpur

After living in a country for 4 years, thats just a bus drive away from KL. Finally got the chance to visit KL, The land of Asian Twin Towers. It was planned as a very short weekend trip. So just two important location were chosen for trip The Petronas Twin Towers  Sunway Lagoon Before making the trip, we were adviced to lookout for theft and unmetered taxis. We dint have any trouble with theft, but we did spend some time finding good taxi rates. After lodging right at center of KL, had great time walking to Petronas Towers and in and around KL Central. Petronas Tower at night, Something thats a must see for all. Same can’t be said about Sunway Lagoon. Its too small of a park, with too few attraction. It was depressing to watch just handful of tourists coming to park even on weekends. It would be…

“Photoshopping” before the time of Photoshop

Retouching and manipulating photographs is done with fancy photo-editing programs these days, but back in 1946, making adjustments required a lot more than a computer, some software, and some pointing-and-clicking skills. Retouching required a whole box of tools, a very sharp eye, and an extremely steady hand. CreativePro stumbled across a 1946 book called Shortcuts to Photo Retouching For Commercial Use, and it makes you realise just how much painstaking work went into tweaking photographs in the past. Below are a few choice images taken from the book—but you can see more over on CreativePro Source [CreativePro]

Canon t2i and Nikon D5100 tops the chart for entry level DSLRs.

What’s the best DSLR camera for a beginner? If you are looking to buy your first DSLR camera, here is some help from pcmag, which list the best entry level DSLRs that would help you choose from. Surprisingly, Canon EOS T2i tops the chart even though T4i is already out and we tend to believe that as the T numbers increase the camera performance must follow suit. For the Nikon lovers, D5100 is what you need. Check out the complete list of the top entry-level DSLRs at the source link below; source: pcmag

Into Land of Smiles

If you are into water adventures, Thailand is the place for you. An refreshing experience with boating, canoeing , diving and tons of islands to keep your adrenalin rushing. And you’re in for a treat if you carry your camera along with a lot of action photography and breathtaking beautiful nature. Check out few clicks below.

Advanced Photoshop Tips for Portrait Photographers!

Here is a detailed and very useful tutorial for portrait photographers to retouch their portraits using Frequency Separation techniques. Frequency separation technique helps in achieving a smooth image without losing a lot of the details that defines a good portrait picture. watch the video below for details.   source: workflowiq

Beginners wildlife photography – San Diego Zoo and Safari

  If you are a newbie photographer and want to try your hands at wildlife photography, you don’t really need to be in the middle of a forest to do so. San Diego Zoo and Safari park is definitely one of the places to check out if you want to get a first hands-on wildlife photography. In addition to a large species of animals, it is also one of the few parks that house The Giant Panda and The Polar bear. So, if you are in California, gear up and get clicking.

Click-to-Canvas: Print and frame your photographs

For a new photographer, today, there are so many options as to what they want to do with the beautiful photographs they capture. Social networks, like flicker, instagram, facebook, google+, are a major platform where a lot of amazing photos are shared and collaborated. Photo competitions are another encouraging option to compete and grow yourself as a photographer. However, we found that a photograph feels breathtaking when it is canvased. Of course you could get it printed and self-frame it. But for people who prefer spending little money to spending time, here are two online websites that would make your shot look out of this world in a framed canvas. We’ve also included two such framez we printed. Great Big Canvas Snap Galaxy   If you know of more, feel free to suggest them at the comments section.

Road trip – LA, NY, Niagara, Washington DC, San Francisco

Collection of few iconic places in US. Starting with Lombard Street, one of the  craziest, straight, steep street to travel. Best place to shoot cityscape and streets buzzing with activity.  Next would be the SFO bay area, with its iconic Golden Gate and beautiful bay area, perfect place for landscape and timelapse photos. At the heart of US, White House, Washington Memorial, Capitol building + blue sky you get the best architecture photography. And at last Niagara Falls, This is one place which takes in all, any photography any day any time, there is something perfect just waiting to be photographed.    

Canon DSLR Tips and Time Savers

Ever been in the situation where you spend more time setting up the camera than actually taking snaps with it. Actually I do that lot. Click on the source link below for few tips and tricks to get the maximum from your DSLR.   Source: 49 Canon Tips, Tricks and Time Savers  

Multiple Exposure Photography

I have always been intrigued by this method of photography. The output pictures are surreal and opens up a plethora of possible ideas, imagination is the limit when it comes to double and multiple exposure photography. In my opinion, this is one technique film based camera excel compared to modern digital camera. It much easier to take take have multiple exposure of same film in traditional camera. Sadly there is no direct method to achieve this result using digital cameras.   Two possible techniques to achieve this in modern day camera is to use PhotoShop or to use Flash. Using PhotoShop 1. Shoot your subject with the sun or a bright light behind them. This would be the first image. 2. For the next image, Shoot a well-lit textured backdrop, This would be used to fill in the first image. 3. Open the images in PhotoShop and play with transparency to blend…


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